About GOO Foundation

The vision of our founder and the passion, able guidance and sheer dedication of the present leadership, has ensured that GOO Foundation goes from strength to strength. We understand the deepest needs of our community. The trio of iron ladies managing affairs of GOO Foundation not only understand but also relate incredibly well to the feelings of being unwanted, the sadness felt at being left out.
We know what being lonely and helpless means. We know that going to school isn’t enough- even though it is necessary. Being attentive to the emotional as well as psychological well-being of every child & woman while pursuing their goal is among our top priorities.
GOO Foundation believes in giving all communities of girls & children. A circle of friends. A group of people with whom they can share the life they led, the mistakes they made, the times when they laughed.

Our Founder Story

Mrs. Gloria Okonkwo Onyekachi is the founder of GOO Foundation. She is a passionate and strong woman who has worked dedicatedly to help women and children for more than one decades now. Finding inspiration from God and where she grew up, her relentless service led to the creation of the GOO Foundation, with its center currently in Ibusa. She has received many accolades at various reputed events in Delta State for her hard work and the positive impact that she has brought about and continues to bring in society. Mrs. Gloria manages the foundation along with other board.

Join Us to Empower Women & Child for a greater good!

Our Vision

To create a support system for the women and child citizens to live a respectable, satisfying, quality life by filling the gaps with the empowerment and capacity training. To build a better today and tomorrow by training & caring for mentally unstable, morally collapsed, differently-abled children & women who are lost or jobless by tailoring unique skill development making them self-reliable, securing their future.

Our Mission

To ascertain that all the enrolled members are treated equally in conducive and friendly environment aptly facilitated for physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing. Achieve expansion in the setup located in Asaba city to accommodate 3000 people.

In Our Collaborate Action, We Aim:

  • To create a well-constructed equipped and safe place
  • To make provision of training materials
  • To ensure quality health care and hygiene is accessible to all times
  • To design an effective learning environment
  • To organize fellowship activities to involve residents in recreation
  • To develop financial sustainability

Finance & Documentation

GOO foundation is a registered NGO and believes in maintaining complete transparency regarding all financial dealings. Below are our reports; our donors may see for themselves how we have utilized their money.

Our Team

We have a wonderful and diverse staff of men and women who support us. They are well-trained and experienced in handling the different kinds of people who come to training centre or events, along with any emergency.  So, they understand the needs of our members well and can empathize and care for them. They have found a meaningful purpose in their own lives, as they give their all every day to uplift the lives of others.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”