Create A Better World

You can also be a part of GOO Foundation’s journey and change the world for the better. We provide CSR opportunities, partner with various brands to raise awareness regarding relevant causes and provide internship and volunteering opportunities to interested candidates.

Come, join hands with us, and let’s all together march forward towards a better and brighter Nigeria!

CSR, Partnerships & Funding

GOOF partners with firms as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We also are open to partnering with companies and brands to raise awareness on various relevant topics in the social service sector and other such noble causes. We appreciate donations and funding from the corporate sector to enhance our reach and touch as many lives as possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

We provide volunteering opportunities to interested people and students at our center. We occasionally tie-up with schools and colleges for the same. It brings a smile to our community faces when they meet youngsters and students. It makes the mood and the atmosphere at the GOO Foundation light and joyous.


GOOF provides internship opportunities to college students at its GOO Foundation. The period of internship can vary from a week to 3 months and so on. Students must possess the requisite documents from the concerned college authorities for this purpose

Join Our Team

The social service sector is always in need of passionate, well-informed, and able professionals for various positions and purposes. Their guidance, expertise, and clear vision benefit both the foundation and the needy.